The 138 project has resulted in the description of eight life-guiding dimensions of sense-making: money, love, power, soul, death, truth, beauty and belonging. Setting a limit to this number at the heart of our functional existence challenges the incommunicable to show itself.

social and psychic forces4On the most deeply sunken layers of existence the psychic-social is possessed by religion, family, art, politics, science, law, economy and media and each of these has its symbolic binary code. This code can be understood as the psychic-social, language-based, communicative process, but cannot be ‘understood’ as the psychic-physical process.

Using extra sensory perception (ESP) as an example of ‘felt’ knowledge – such as the well-known case of gorilla at the zoo pointing or staring at a carrying woman’s tummy before ‘scientific’ assurance of a pregnancy test has led to proof, certainty, truth – I ask the question of how humans can remain intuitive, moving away from social norms, needs for protection and safety, and towards pre-modern and religious forms of trust in self, others and the world.