How To Not Try

What people say about being funny generally doesn’t make sense. They will for instance say that you shouldn’t try to be funny. But it often turns out that the ones that do try find themselves at least trying to be very funny, and therefore funny. There is no one in the world that would self-exclaim to not have a sense of humor. Well, except me and some other radicals perhaps.

Even if we are not educated we are capable of seeing our psychic apparatus as constantly being confronted with duality of some kind. Bad of good, pure or cluttered, vague or clear. We can’t see beyond because we would lose control of everything, including of meaning. Being human sometimes means attempting to control the uncontrollable.

A system of society could also have us in its control. That is easier to understand. Many scientists have seen this possibility and the metabiological perception of a system that is beyond anyone’s reach providing each and every person with the choices that be, is one such contribution to the search for a maximum to these dualisms. ‘How’ a system’s language plays on us and the subsequent radical observation of what happens on this meta level must seem at least as funny to such system as it seems hopeless to us.