Using the below diagrams I present a summary of 4 years of independent research into the dynamics of four-folds.  I have categorized and labeled over 70 well-known (to the world) fourfolds based on one – what I believe and have discovered to be – all-pervasive one.

These diagrams together form the basis of a strategy to sense-making, proposed in chapter 7 of the book PsiCopter Life (2015), applicable to any life situation.

First, the eight major societal realms in Niklas Luhmann’s work are shown and new labels are suggested for the era in history that claims ‘authority-out-there’ has been replaced  by ‘authority-in-here’ (i.e. ‘politics’ is now ’emancipation’, ‘economy’ is now ‘DIY’, etc).


Second, the eight major societal realms in Niklas Luhmann’s work are combined with the four binary personal  dimensions.


Third, the combination of four- and eight-fold dynamics is shown for other pivotal four- and eightfolds. This diagram begins to think of ESP as a form of freedom acquainted with the personal strive for art.


Final, a list of fourfolds is presented that have influenced many in the course of history in making sense of their lives. These are aligned with the four-eight dynamic to make them multidimensional and thus applicable as parallel paradigmatic and narrational lines.

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